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About us

Welcome to home by Esho, your destination for exquisite home accessories that infuse style, elegance, and personality into your living spaces. At home by Esho, we believe that a well-decorated home reflects one's individuality and a sanctuary for comfort and joy.

Our journey began with the vision of a young entrepreneur named Esho, whose lifelong passion for home decor and interior design led to the creation of this exquisite collection of home accessories.

Inspired by her own experiences of decorating her home and receiving compliments from friends and family, Esho embarked on a journey to bring her vision to life. She envisioned a place where discerning homeowners could discover a curated selection of handpicked home accessories that combined exquisite craftsmanship with unique designs.

As a child, Esho found joy in rearranging furniture and decorating every room in the house, transforming ordinary spaces into captivating environments that exuded warmth and style. This creative inclination never waned and followed Esho into adulthood. With a clear vision in mind, Esho set out to curate a thoughtfully selected collection of home accessories, each piece telling a unique story of its origin and the hands that crafted it. The emphasis was on quality, creativity, and timeless appeal, reflecting the ethos of home by esho.